Justin Bieber at The Surf Lodge

The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY was the place to be this Memorial Weekend. Hot musicians Justin Bieber, Lukas Graham, Cole Ramstad, Ghostface Kilah were partying with us.

Justin Bieber

I just love when cute Justin Bieber makes an appearance at midnight looking super hot, wearing a beige cowboy hat and a yellow hoodie while we were partying on Saturday night May 27. At first, people didn't recognize him, but after 10 minutes everyone started flocking to the VIP area where he was dancing, and let me tell you.... he got the moves. 

Fifteen minutes later they whisked him away to the outside deck and to the private beach on the back where he was hanging out with his entourage.

Earlier that night Cole Ramstad and rapper Ghostface Kilah performed on the outdoors deck, even singer Maxwell was impressed that such a famous rapper was at the seaside place.

Cole Ramstad and I sat on the beach by the lake looking at the sunset to talk about his work, he told me: “I have the best band in the world.  Noah Jackson, Chelsea, Marcus Miller, Charles Gould who just graduated from Juilliard but has been into music since he was 17 years old in New York City because he’s from New York.  I mean, these guys are world class musicians.”

Ghostface and Cole played together with Cole’s band “Apollo Kids”, “Back Like That”, “Shimmy”, “Cream” and “Cherche le Ghost”.

He also told me about an EP he is working on to be released in the fall of 2017: “The album is my original music which is less hip-hop.  The guests I have are typically hip hop because we play like funk and soul and R&B kind of music so it works with that, but it’s pop, jazz, R&B, feel good music.” He continues, “I’m going to release an EP.  I’m not going to do a full record, but I just need to get something down because…probably like four. .  I also have a song that’s recorded that’s really fun that I wrote for my super fabulous gay best friend, and it’s called “Yas Kween”.  We recorded that; it’s done.  We’re making a music video for it, but it’s very much unlike a lot of my other music.  It’s kind of like a 50s-60s Sam Cooke style song, but about a fabulous guy.  So I’m not sure what we’re going to do with that yet because I don’t know if it’s going to be on the AP, but it’s fun.  It’s a cool song, so we might release that just as a single.”

I asked him how did this special collaboration cam about,  he said: “I talked to Ghost on the phone, and we worked something out with the leader of my horn section, and we were like, “Hey, let’s figure this out.”  We just had a phone call and made it happen what we were going to do.  We went in the studio then we got together here when he rolled up, and we just sat in the room and we were like, “This is the deal.”  We went over the whole thing.  We had a recording of it, and he was like, “Cool,” and then we just rocked it.  I’m in between a mountain of professionals.  Like they’re just so good.  They all play with everybody.  They play with Rihanna.  They’re all assassins.  Like Guns for Hire, for real, but they’re my friends, so we play together.”