My Interview with Kat Graham

Singer-songwriter and “Vampire Diaries” actress Kat Graham hosted a Holiday cocktail party at The Grove’s Swarovski store in West Hollywood, on December 07, 2017. We sat down for an interview inside the store, she told me:

“The photo that Swarovski used is actually a photo from the music video from “Magic” which is the newest single, and I wanted to do something that felt like Studio 54, disco, that kind of Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer’s sound, which was a departure from my 90s R & B that I did, so that photo where I’m actually wearing a headpiece was made out of Swarovski crystal, pure coincidence.  You know, we brought in a lot of different elements of Studio 54, the 70s, the Bianca Jagger, and the different energies of different icons from the 70s.”

Selma Fonseca, Kat Graham

Selma Fonseca, Kat Graham

Talking about working with Mega Producer Babyface and future music projects she said:

“So, the next step I’m doing this coming week is focusing on records for his album, I’m working on producing some music and putting some records together and I think he’s just going to have an incredible next album, so getting ahead of it a bit.”

She continues: “Pretty soon I’ll be announcing in about February the music that I’m really thinking about.  It’s going to really surprise a lot of people, and it’s something that nobody will see coming. I will say that I’ve been doing a group. I’m doing a…it will be me and one other artist for this specific project, and he’s somebody that I’ve been a fan of for a really, really long time, and a total departure even stylistically down to fashion.  Anything that I’ve ever done, so it will be interesting.  Definitely much more honest.”

In an old interview with Fuse she said she listens to “Third Eye Blind”, “Marcy Playground” and “Eve 6” which are all rock bands so could she be going on that direction?

When talking About the news of Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein and others allegedly sexual misconduct, she said:

“You know, what’s interesting is that I felt that this was the year of the woman, and there was a lot of female empowerment, and a lot of voices that needed to be heard, and it was an incredibly empowering year, and while it was a hard and difficult year, and it was hard for me to personally process that these women were experiencing all these different…what’s the word…they were experiencing these…there’s a word for it—it’s atrocities, it’s almost a betrayal, you know.  This industry and a lot of these men have made, produced, and directed these films that were actually really empowering women, and it’s hard to process that these men had done so much to almost in a way sabotage these women.  So as hard as it is to hear that, and as heartbreaking as it is to process it, in a way, it almost had to happen for Hollywood to evolve to where it is now, for there to be a standard set that women will not be disrespected.  They will not be victims to these men anymore, and as hard as it is, in a way, this had to happen and it’s for the better because now Hollywood is different, and men have to have accountability for their behavior and how they treat women, and it’s also so incredibly inspiring to see all these women supporting other women.  Swarovski specifically why I like to be in line with companies like Swarovski is because they promote diversity, they promote female empowerment.  I mean, even in their ads, they have my friend Brian Boy, who’s like a really great influencer, they have Naomi Campbell, down to Ruby Rose who’s obviously in the LGBTQ community.  This is a very inclusive company, so there has to be, as a woman, an agenda to what you’re doing and what companies that you support and how you navigate through this industry, because there are a lot of companies that are still taking advantage of women and are still in a growing process, but it’s so nice to be here at a time like this and support such an inclusive company.  So just to bring it back to why I’m here and it’s important.”