Why are we turning a blind eye on Michael Fassbender's Abuse Allegations?

Michael Fassbender a German-Irish actor has been nominated for Academy, Golden Globe, Critics’ Choice, BAFTA and Irish Film & TV Awards for movies such as "12 Years a Slave", “Hunger”, “Shame”, “Steve Jobs” and “Inglorious Basterds”, but let’s not forget that before all this he was accused of dragging his former girlfriend and sugar momma, Sunawin Leasi Andrews alongside her car during a jealousy fueled argument.

In November 2009, Leasi was badly hurt and admitted to the emergency room with vaginal, internal bleeding possibly caused by a busted ovarian cyst, a twisted ankle and a blown out left kneecap. 

Leasi and I have been friends for over a decade, over the years she has confided in me, she can’t talk, but as her friend with her permission, I can say certain things that are mine and mine alone because I lived it.

Michael Fassbender, Sunawin Leasi Andrews

Several questions have been unanswered about their relationship and the validity of these claims especially because Leasi filed a request for a dismissal on April 5, 2010 – one day before the scheduled hearing, and she has remained silenced and discredited.

Michael Fassbender

One incident happened when Michael Fassbender, Leasi Andrews and another couple were having dinner at the posh restaurant Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, Leasi’s ex-boyfriend, actor Terrance Howard approached the table to say hello, Michael got jealous and started a fight which lead to the car dragging.

The abuse didn’t stop or start there, in a Hotel room during a Film Festival that they attended together, Fassbender was so drunk he broke Leasi’s nose when he threw her over a chair. She was bleeding from her nose, under her eyes were black and blue.

According to Leasi, unlike what Michael’s parents said to newspapers, his father Josef and mother Adele Fassbender were present. Adele gave Leasi fizzy aspirin for the pain and suggested she hide and they leave the festival immediately.

Fassbenders’ father had to clean vomit out of Michael’s hair before he was scheduled to appear at the Festival panel. After they abruptly left the hotel security contacted Michael by phone worried about his safety and asking why they exited the hotel so quickly, after finding broken glass and large amounts of blood in their room.

Their love story started in October 2008 in Berlin, Germany on the movie set of Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” film. Michael Fassbender was one of the actors in the movie, alongside Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth and Diane Kruger, Leasi was working with the production company and living on set for almost 8 months of filming.

Michael Fassbender

Michael arrived in Berlin from London on his motorcycle with only a backpack, it was love at first sight, they meet at one of Quentin Tarantino’s movie nights, that he had once a week at the Babelsberg Studio. Tarantino would show original prints that he owned from his private movie collection during filming. He showed movies that he loved and inspired him in hopes it would enhance the actors’ knowledge and vision of the part he wanted them to play. After the movie, they went to a nightclub to celebrate.

Leasi and Michael became inseparable that night. The next day they made sure they had apartments next door to each other because they wanted to spend every moment together. Shortly after their relationship began there were rumors all around Hollywood that they were a couple, but several executives in the movie business did not approve of their relationship due to Michael's known drinking problem.

On the set of “Inglorious Basterds” Michael’s drinking was a problem the first day of work. Michael got so inebriated at the Inglorious Cast Party the night before filming started, the next day he did not show up for his first day of work.  Production told Michael’s representatives of the incident, but nothing changed.  One of the set hairdresser, who was known for his work with Angelina Jolie, had complained to producers about Michael’s excessive drinking on the movie set more than once.  His complaints were ignored and he was reprimanded by a producer.

Leasi was so in love that she mysteriously stopped taking and responding to calls or texts from the US.  We all thought she was in love and happy, so we didn’t bother her.

Leasi Andrews, a beautiful American Model/Actress, extremely connected in Hollywood welcomed Michael into her home in the USA with her two children after filming was done in Berlin. He was new in Hollywood, he didn’t know anyone, she introduced him to various “key” people in the business, he didn’t have a car so she drove him to castings, meetings, appointments, and waited outside till he was done, they were always together.  He wasn’t working and didn’t have any money, she paid for everything.

Leasi Andrews.jpg

Her friends were all concerned that the relationship was too dependent on Leasi, but she never complained about that. Leasi was open and generous with her time, family and money. If I only could use one word to describe Leasi, it would be GIVER.

Leasi Andrews acquired a fancy Bel Air home, one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, with an infinity pool and a view of Catalina Island from the bedroom. In the beginning, they were social and were even spotted together with some of Leasi's famous ex-boyfriends Gerard Butler, Terrance Howard, and Lawrence Bender.  They hosted card games and BBQ's at her home and looked very happy with each other.  And by the way, Fassbender can cook an amazing hamburger. 

Leasi kept telling us: "Wait, you'll see this guy is going to make you eat your words!"  In so many ways Michael did just that.

Getting to know Michael Fassbender was easy, you just had to get past his unkempt appearance and the fact that he was always drinking which fueled his dark witty humor.  Things began to change once Fassbender settled into Leasi’s house.  Leasi was feeling that Michael’s anger came from Leasi being the breadwinner in the relationship and Michael was feeling emasculated, that compound with him not working was beginning to change the way he interacted with Leasi and everyone around her. He started trying to tell her what she could or could not do and controlling all aspects of her life. This is what I believe lead to the shift in the relationship.

Michael Fassbender, Sunawin Leasi Andrews

We saw less and less of them socially and when we did she was basically holding him up or trying to get him to go home. Leasi described Michael as a “runner”, when he drank too much at times his personality would suddenly change and he would be full of anger toward her.  He would begin an argument then all of the sudden leave from the bar, then disappear sometimes for days. She couldn’t reach him on his phone or find him, putting a lot of stress in the relationship.

Michael used the term he went “walkabout” to describe his actions. This behavior was beginning to wear on Leasi and it was showing, Leasi basically a full-time babysitter to Michael trying to keep him out of trouble their entire relationship and it changed her personality.  She became withdrawn and serious, crying a lot, sad all the time.

Leasi confided in me about jaw-dropping incidents surrounding Fassbender's drinking. 

One afternoon she dropped him at a Director’s House in Sherman Oaks for a story meeting, as the night approached she started to worry because Michael didn’t call or come back to her house.

The next day he finally appeared at her house, saying he had no clue where his wallet was, or the mobile phone Leasi had loaned him and he claimed he didn’t remember what had happened the previous day and night, but he was hoping he had not ruined the relationship with the director. 

Michael was released from the project by the director within weeks of the incident. He then accused Leasi of telling someone about the project and blaming her for not securing the job, but the truth was he didn’t want to realize that his own behavior was the cause.

Michael had become more and more jealous, possessive and causing problems co-parenting her son Misha.

Fassbender began forbidding Leasi from contacting her exes, who she remained friendly with and were part of our social circle. Producers and Directors complained about his poor appearance, so Leasi took him shopping and bought him new clothing, she even called his agent Michael Cooper at CAA to advise them to dress him better, especially for events.

Things got very weirder and her stories got more and more painful, one day she finally came to me and said: “I have to get Michael out of my house, he is not working, he is becoming more and more unbearable, and when he drinks he becomes a different person, violent and dark after just a couple of drinks.”

Leasi Andrews 2.jpg

She thought perhaps his behavior and alcohol tolerance had changed due to him losing approximately 42 pounds the previous years for the movie “Hunger” where he portrays Bobby Sands during his starvation diet in prison. 

She felt he was very thin and unhealthy and that perhaps was affecting his tolerance to alcohol, combined with not getting any acting jobs, he had become depressed and aggressive. After these incidents kept occurring, Leasi became afraid of him and she was worried about her family and her safety.  She was also afraid to tell him to stop drinking or the leave the house because the fights were uncontrollable and he would just apologize, say he would never do it again, but kept happening more and more frequently.

With all that going on Leasi felt it would be good to see a trauma therapist together. At the end of a session, the  Psychologist told both Michael and Leasi that their relationship had crossed a line and told Michael he needed to immediately move out of her residence for Leasi's and her children safety.

She explained that she was a mandated reporter and if Michael did not agree verbally at the moment in the office to immediately move out she would have to report to the authorities because the details shared during their therapy session was very troubling. She said she would not see them as a couple or Michael alone, but would like to continue working with Leasi.

Their therapist also advised her to file a domestic violence and a restraining order against Michael.

People and the media have been questioning why Leasi waited for so long after the incidents to file the reports, well here is the reason:

Leasi knew that if she had filed any court papers before the SAG and Golden Globe Awards nominations were announced, the movie “Inglorious Basterds” and the actors would be in jeopardy of been nominated.

She was too afraid to tell Michael to leave the house and knew he had nowhere in the USA to live. Leasi needed to wait for the right moment to ask Michael to leave the house and present him a move out order, she didn’t want him to get angry and get into another fight.

When he finally had to leave to do reshoots for a movie, she felt it was a safe time to file the papers in court.

Leasi told me that Fassbender's attorneys asked her to meet at the Beverly Hills Hotel to talk, but to her surprise when she arrived they pressure her to not go through with the hearing with the judge, which was scheduled for the next day.  Leasi was lead to believe that if she did Michael would not be able to qualify for a green card or work in the USA.

We need to ask ourselves:

What happened at that meeting that made Leasi not proceed with the hearing?

Why are Michael and his representatives not returning calls for a comment?

In an interview with "The Guardian" Michael said: 

“I can lie pretty easily to journalists”.

Why is Hollywood embracing him? 

Who is sponsoring Michael's US work VISA?

Today in 2018 several high-profile actors, executives have been fired or had to step down from their corporate positions for sexual harassment, domestic abuse, with only allegations and no tangible proof.

I have proof, I have the court papers with hospital bills, these are not just allegations, so why are we turning a blind eye on Fassbender?

Michael supposedly has been practicing car racing for the past 2 years and is planning to became a Ferrari Car race driver.

Is Ferrari going to allowed Michael Fassbender to became one of their drivers after he dragged a woman outside of her car, injuring her for life, out of jealousy and not being able to control his alcohol consumption?

I have been thinking about this for weeks reading all the reports on sexual abuse, domestic abuse and wondering why do we stay silence? I have been a journalist in Hollywood for 20 years holding lots of secrets, NDA's, agreements.

I have myself signed NDA's, but in this case, I haven't, so I am free to speak for others.

I feel we women need to bond together and help each other. I see my friend Leasi suffering and she can't speak, just like other women that have signed NDA's and settlement agreements which lawyers include gag orders (nondisclosure agreements) to protect abusers, their employers, and the companies that sponsor or own their content. 

Take a look at the Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney case, she was in danger of incurring a potential fine if she broke a nondisclosure agreement with USA Gymnastics that prevented her from discussing allegations that she was molested by a former USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar. 

Take a look at the Court Papers on my next post

Take a look at the Court Papers on my next post

What about the slander and consequences that the victims endure from the bad press and public opinion that erupts after dating a famous person once it’s gone wrong? Where does that leave a victim? 

Post your questions on the comments.

To be continued.....