Testimonials from Editors, friends & musicians interviewed by Selma:

“Selma creates a comfort by her presence that allows moments to happen naturally and her timing is impeccable.”

“Selma, YOU are a wonderful person, who is a great photographer.  I appreciate when I see you because of the professionalism and warmth that you bring with you. I also truly appreciate your dedication to your craft and respect it immensely. From one artist to another, I thank you.” - Sincerely, Cuba

Cuba Gooding Jr- Actor

“Selma Fonseca is an extremely well-connected, hard-working reporter who knows how to put her interview subjects and ease and get some nice scoops.”

Joseph Lynch - Senior Editor - Billboard 

I had the great opportunity about my band “G. Love and Special Sauce” with Selma. I enjoyed her poignant questions and the knowledge she had about my career. She’s got her finger on the pulse of arts, music and lifestyle. We look forward to many more adventures. Thanks 

Garrett Dutton - G Love - Singer / Songwriter

“Selma gets the goods. When we switched up our celeb news team a few years ago, the outgoing editors told me to make sure and keep Selma in the mix. That turned out to be excellent advice. If she doesn’t have the inside info, she knows someone who does.”

Brian Niemietz - Editor - Reporter - New York Daily News

“Selma is amazing! Her energy lights up any place she goes ‼️”

Maejor- Record Producer / Songwriter

“Selma is a Queen. She is a great writer, timely, and always on top it. Somehow, Selma has the gift of partying as hard as she works. #cantstopselma”

Daniel Davila - singer songwriter- Fabriq Band 

"The Brazilian patron saint of pop music and a jet setter to watch in the modern Wild West of the music industry... If you’re not partying with Selma you’re missing the point."

Cooper Bell - Songwriter- Fabriq Band 

“I loved working with Selma! Her energy is electric and she has one of the sweetest hearts I have ever met. She conducts her interviews in a way where you feel comfortable to express yourself in a real and deep way. One of my most memorable interviews.”

Jessica Sutta (The Pussycat Dolls)

Selma Fonseca’s energy in a room is infectious - VIPs gravitate toward her like an old friend, and to most, she is! Selma’s warm, down-to-earth nature, sense of humor and killer style draws people in - so much so, that celebs often forget they are talking to press!  But their secrets are safe with Selma because she won’t publish anything she doesn’t have permission to. The comfort and trust she has developed with talent allows her to consistently deliver amazingly personal and unique stories.  Her storytelling is indicative of the class act that she is. 

Alicia Mohr - Partner & Founder - A Like-Minded Agency

“I Love Partying With Selma She Makes Me Feel Like Family..... Love You... when is My Next Interview LOL ??????... One Of The Baddest in The Bizz......” Love Neph 

Vincent Wilburn Jr - Miles Davis Nephew- Grammy Award Winner-drummer-producer and Leader of Miles Electric Band

“I absolutely LOVE working with Selma, she's one of my favorite editors I've ever had the pleasure of working with! She takes time to really get to know my clients and listen to what they have to say, the inspiration and story behind their music, etc. She goes above and beyond - attending events, conducting in-person interviews, and more. Not only is she extremely professional, but she is so personable and instantly makes everyone around her feel comfortable and excited. You're in for a treat if you have the pleasure of #PartyingwithSELMA!!”

Alyssa Baker - Founder & President of Riot Media Group

“Selma is the life of the party. Every interview with her is so much fun. Her attention to detail is superb, her energy is electric, and her articles are juicy and gripping down to the last word. #PartyingWithSelma is my go to for celebrity news. She always knows who’s who and what’s what before anyone else. Selma herself is the party. I love her.”

Rilan - Singer - Songwriter

Selma Fonseca is one of the most dedicated, hard-working and fun writer I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She has not only become a reliable resource for myself and my clients, but a true friend who has helped motivate and inspire me to do more. I've worked with her on many big brands and events such as JCPenney, Louis XIII, Rémy Martin, Perrier-Jouet Champagne, Neon Carnival at Coachella, Westfield Shopping Centers and more. I look forward to working with her each chance I get. 

Kahlil Spurlock - Senior Account Director at 5th Column PR

“Working with Selma has always been great. Selma is affable and always so much fun to be with. She makes you feel so comfortable that you really don’t feel like you are doing an interview. She then is able to synthesize all of the information and write this fabulous article. Selma has a great reference base and is the best at what she does. I always look forward to #partyingwithselma.”

Michael Roppolo - Artist Manager - Rah Rah, LLC

Selma has such a positive energy about her. She has the ability to make a typical interview a fun event. She makes you feel comfortable and comes up with creative ways to get her point across.

#PartyingWithSelma always is a blast! She takes you on some of the best experiences of your life!

Drew Ryan Scott - After Romeo Band. 

“Selma has been a friend since we were thirteen. I admire her so much for her resilience in life: after having gone through so much in her personal and professional life, she never seems to give up. Nor does she gives up,  but she has such a positive attitude about difficulties, always smiling and laughing about the hurdles she encounters! I see herself as a heroine, a female force! Her vibrant personality lights up the room and invites people to enjoy life! She is a loyal, devoted and generous friend. She will go the extra mile to help those whom she loves, always! Selma has the ability of seeing the good in any situation. She can also make friends with great spontaneity, and because of that, wherever she goes she will always have a friend. In her professional life, she has always been very driven, focused and reliable.’
’’I feel so fortunate to have her as a friend/sister, and wish for our friendship to last forever!'‘

Ana Paula Merenholtz Aquino - Selma’s Childhood friend

“Selma Fonseca has unbelievable access.  She can get herself into the most exclusive events -- and she never stints on sharing the intimate details and photos she gathers there.  She is fair to all parties and delightful to work with.”

George Rush - Editor & Journalist - Rush & Molloy Column at New York Daily News