My Blog #Sexingwithselma

I am a Single Brazilian-Greek-American Sexy, Successful woman living in Hollywood and New York City.  

For over a decade I have been attending and writing about Hollywood parties, concerts, events, I have met and interviewed Thousands of famous people, we talk about their lives, their work, but my favorite subjects are love, relationships, sex and dating and I believe it's most people's favorite subject, because every time I am with my friends the conversation always end up being about that.

So I decided to write this blog #SexingWithSelma. (My other blog and hashtag is #PartyingWithSelma)


I will tell you stories about love, sex, relationships and the dating game around the world. I have so many stories - some are fun, some dramatic, and I want to share all with you, I also want to help you with your own dating game.

The past three years that I have been single I have learned a lot. 

With all these new Dating Apps - Tinder, Bumble, MillionaireMatch - the game became even more interesting, I will tell you everything I learned and think about these Apps and more. I will tell you all about mine and my friends "dates" the good, the bad and the funny - no worries no names will be mentioned and if names are mentioned they will be fictitious. 

For 18 years I was sharing my life with a wonderful man, we were practically married. But after 13 years together he started to do things differently and he was "traveling a lot" leaving me alone for months. (I mean who leaves a wife alone for four months? Unless you are in the Military and you going to fight a war I don't see a reason, I am in a relationship to have support, companionship and most importantly SEX.....)  He wasn't paying attention to our relationship. No flowers or gifts on my birthday, he would leave me alone on Christmas and New Year's, no romance at all, I think we all like to have a partner that gives attention, love and sex. A person that will be there for you no matter what. A person that has our back.

I told him several times I didn't like the way things were going, but he didn't change his ways so after 5 years of unhappiness and bad sex I decided it was time for us to separate. That was not an easy decision, but I thought to myself: "I am still young, smart and beautiful, I don't want to be in a unhappy, sexless relationship and perhaps there is another man out there for me to love and have great sex with."

Let me tell you!! It's not easy having the same dick for 18 years, but I did it.

So read and enjoy my stories and let's keep Loving and Sexing.

Kisses, Selma