Let's Analyze Tinder's Photo Profile

Let's talk about the dating app Tinder.

In the summer of 2015, I was in Los Angeles then traveled to New York City and Montauk, then Paris, France then Naples and Ischia, Italy, then Athens and Mykonos, Greece, every-time I landed in a new city I activated my Tinder.

In my blog, I will be posting my Tinder "activation" stories while I was traveling to different countries and cities in the world. My question is: "What are we looking for in dating Apps like Tinder?

Tinder is easy to download and use, you connect with Facebook and all your info, including age, and photos are transferred.

After looking at Thousands of profiles on Tinder here is what I found: You can tell a guy's personality and lifestyle by analyzing his photos.

1.  Photos with friends partying and drinking, he is a party animal.

2. Photos with other girls, that means he is lazy and doesn't want to change the photos that came from Facebook in the profile or he wants you to know that he has female friends. I think that's the stupidest thing a guy can do, such a turn-off. We don't want a lazy guy or a guy with too many female friends.

3. Shirtless photos showing his muscles, he just wants to fuck, a guy that wants a serious relationship will NOT post a shirtless photo, sending one privately after you meet is still weird but less like I JUST wanna fuck you. 

4. Photo with a sports team, or watching a game, that means he is a fan, that means Sunday is let's watch football with my friends. 

5. Photo of a guy well dressed, he will always be well dressed. 

6. Photo of a guy badly dressed, he will always be badly dress, I mean sloppy.

7. Photo with kids that is not his kid, big mistake, because we will always think it's his kids, perhaps he is trying to show you his sensitive side, but that's not the place to do that.

8. Photo with a bunch of guys... What is that three for one sale? He wants to show you he is social, but you want to know which one he is.

9. If he starts the conversation with: "You are really Hot", he just wants to fuck you. I know I am Hot you don't need to tell me..., I would never say that to a man I just meet, why do men say that to women?

So it all depends on what YOU want, nowadays we women have the power to choose any guy we want, just analyze their photos and profile and swipe left or right...

Let me know our thoughts...

Kisses, Selma


He is HOT, but do you think this guy wants to have a serious relationship?


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