Men loves Women with Personality

Here is what my hot, sexy, successful male friend P. said when a relationship is starting.

Once you know the guy is interested these are the things women should do to keep him interested and lock him in.

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1. The most important thing a guy sees in a woman is her personality.

2. To Keep a guy interested, don't be too bitchy, just be enough bitchy, strong.

3. Don't send too many messages 

4. If he is out with his friends let him have fun, actually instead of texting him all night, tell him: "Ok we talk tomorrow." He will be worried and ask himself why she doesn't want to talk to me tonight?  What is she doing?

5. "Call me you get home" after a night with his buddies, that's a no-no, you need to show him that you trust him, that he won't do anything that you won't do.

6. Once you show him you trust him he will think: "She trusts me and let him do anything I want, then he will feel bad to cheat."

7. Don't ask about monogamy at the beginning of the relationship.

8. Introduce him to your ex-boyfriends and vice versa, this way you will show you there is nothing to hide.

9. Don't feel treated by another woman. Have the confidence that "If you leave me I go find someone else that's confidence"

10. Confidence and happy is HOT. 

Let me know your thoughts....

Kisses, Selma