This is how Men think... According to a Man

Listen up, ladies.... I got to talk to my friend P. about what men want, how men feel about the dating game so here is what he told me. By the way P. is a very hot, sexy, successful, rich man, he is a friend, not my lover, and he has lots of experience.


1. Don't listen to what guys say or write on texts, "LOOK AT THEIR ACTIONS."

2. All the flowers, gifts, messages doesn't mean anything, the only thing that matters is:


3. What is he doing to make time to be with you? Is he running home to be with you after work or going to the bar to meet his buddies? Does he want to spend all his free time with you?

4. Everyone is busy, but when a guy really wants to be with a woman he goes for it.

5. When he wants you he will do anything to be with you.

6. He will drive for hours to come see you.

7. He will take a plane across the country to come see you.

8. You don't have to ask a man if he likes you, he will show you with his actions. You don't have to ask if he is interested, if he is engaging with you and seeing you then he is interested.

9. By nature guys always want a challenge, so even when you are dying to reach for the phone and text or call him, don't, he wants to come after you.

10. Guys want to feel he likes you more than you like him, it's the way their minds work, it's in their DNA.

11. They ask themselves: "What can I do to make her like me more?"