Dating on tinder

This is what I have found on The Dating App "Tinder".

My Tinder profile

My Tinder profile

1. All depends on what you want out of it and what you are looking for. 

Before you swipe right you must ask yourself: "Do I want to get laid tonight?,  Or do "I want to find the love of my life?"

2. If you just want to have sex, send sexy and provocative messages.

If you want to have a relationship, talk about deep stuff and nothing sexual, play the angel game. You can show your sexy side when you meet in person. And read my post about what men: want:

3. Be clear on your profile who you are and what you are looking for, some guys do follows that, my profile clearly says that I'm looking for a relationship and NO hoop ups, but guys still send me messages saying I am so sexy and that they want to fuck.

4. You can pretty much know what a guy wants from you based on what he says in the first five messages.

If he says "you are sexy" for sure this guy just wants fuck, not just you, but anyone.


If he says "you are beautiful" then he likes you, he still wants to fuck you, but at least he's polite about it.

If he says let's grab drinks or dinner, then he wants to get to know you and eventually fuck you, which I think it's normal.

What men doesn't understand is that women also wants to fuck and have good sex and hot orgasms, we are horny all the time, but we are different than men, we want to have more foreplay, kisses, dirty talking on the ear, flowers, chocolate, have a smart conversation, even holding hands.

How is your experience with Tinder ? Please share in the comments.