Is Single life better than Married life?

I have been single now for 3 years. I love being single, it's fun, liberating, I wake up, eat, cook, travel, go to sleep whenever I want. I can be selfish when I want, I don't have to do all these things I mentioned whenever HE wants.... Feels so good.

Selma Fonseca

I noticed that when I was married I had lost myself, I was doing everything for my husband and whatever he wanted to do, I was cooking for him, doing his laundry, cleaning our house, having sex with him every night, even when I didn't want to, loving him, going to places that he wanted to go.

Women, now we have the opportunity to swipe right on any guy's photo while laying in bed, having coffee at an outdoor cafe, in the bathroom, while out with friends, anywhere in the world. We can even find men in another city or country if we like.

We can go on a date, dinner, drinks, the park, the beach, even a museum. Or we can just have sex, a one-night-stand with anyone we like. These days it's so easy to get the guy we want, no wonder no one wants to commit.

Men think that women want to commit and be in a relationship, and yes sometimes we do with the right person, but sometimes we just want to have good sex. And when we find good sex we want to have over and over again, that's all it is.

Guys, do you really think we want to cook for you, do your laundry, listen to your problems and suck the same dick over and over again? We don't mind doing these things and sometimes we get pleasure doing things for you, the problem is when you start taking us for granted, thinking and telling us it's our obligation to do.

Women are just more compassionate, and society says we should do it, but what we really want is a man that knows how to be a gentleman and fuck us really good.

It's great being in a relationship and have someone to come home to.

But guys wake up!!!   It's not just you that's horny all the time..... We are always horny too !!!

Do you really think women just want to have one dick forever and have sex in one position for the rest of our lives? Think again, No we don't, but we do it when we are in love.

My girlfriends always tell me how they love to have their ass slapped, a little bite on the neck, their pussy licked, and yes we love to suck your dick, jerk you off too, but if you are having sex for just 5 minutes and not satisfying your woman, then you are not doing a good job.

I have traveled to the most jet-set beautiful places in the world: NYC, Cannes, St Barth, Monaco, Nice, St Tropez, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Montauk, Hamptons, Mykonos, Paris, London, Stockholm, and the conversation is always the same, men are getting lazy.

We still like cheesy, corny things like flowers, chocolate, romantic notes, gifts, but the most important thing is spending time together, that's one thing that my husband was good at, he always wanted to be together, in the beginning of our relationship, but then after 13 years he started to change traveling, he would be gone for two three sometimes four months, seriously? I mean who leaves a wife for four months? I need support, cuddle, and sex.