The key to a happy marriage - Acordinding to men

Saturday night in Beverly Hills my girlfriend and I were invited to a friend's birthday party at the Nineteen 12 bar inside the very posh, luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel.

We meet the birthday boy inside, let's nickname him "J".

At the beginning of the night we were two girls and two guys, we order a round of drinks, I like vodka soda, the waitress bring the drinks.

We talked, catch up, laugh and by the time we were ready to order another round of drinks there were a total of four guys.

By the third drink there were seven guys on our table, I got excited to be talking to all these guys about sex, relationship and love, so I asked the three guys that were married, what' the key to a happy marriage? One guy jumped from his seat and said, "Separate bathrooms is the key to a happy marriage", another guy said: "Anal Sex".

So I asked the single guys and one said: "If I get a girlfriend I won’t get married for a year". 

I think the key to a happy marriage is respect and having the same goal in life, whatever your goal is - having kids, achieving success, making a business together, traveling....

I was married for 18 years, we were very happy for 13 years but the last 5 years my husband took me for granted, didn't appreciate me and said I was fat, which to me it's unacceptable.

I try to tell him I wasn't happy with our relationship and the way he was treating me, but he kept treating me like shit, traveling without me, leaving me alone for months and spending all our money, so I decided to ended, it wasn't an easy decision. And after 3 years I am still hurting, but I don't wan to be with someone that doesn't appreciate me.

And by the way, at the end of the night 7 guys asked my girlfriend and I to pay for our drinks, what do you think of that?

What do you guys think is the key to a happy marriage?