Why are we still wasting time on dating Apps?

I have yet to meet a person that has had a good experience with dating apps such as Tinder, Match.com, Bumble, Millioiraire Match. If you did please share your story with us.

I talk to my all friends male, female, gay, about dating and from our experience people on dating Apps just want to fuck. None of the dating apps are for dating, or finding love, or a relationship, people are only looking for Hook Ups, no one is looking for a serious relationship. It has became to easy to just call someone to fuck.

I spoken to people all ages on their 20's all the way to 70's and they told me they have horrible experiences.

So I question: "Why are people looking for a real relationship still using these Apps, including me". I guess the hope never dies. 

I think we need to go back to meeting people the old-days, at a house party, a restaurant, a bar, a sports event, church, temple.

What are your suggestions to meeting a great person?